Previously Featured Dog Breed Yorkshire Terrier

This very popular dog has a nature that defies it's size and appearance. They are true terriers being alert, feisty, bossy, boisterous, energetic and inquisitive and very big on personality. While they can be very determined, they are faithful and loyal to their owners and family.

Intelligent dogs making them easy to train. Despite being small dogs their alertness makes them great watchdogs and although they are good with children, enjoying their company and games some care should be taken around very boisterous children.

The Yorkies coat is somewhat of an advantage, it can be left for cutting monthly and only occasional brushing is required mainly to prevent knotting and remove debris from walks as they shed practically no hair.

Average Height: 22-24 cm. 9-10 in.
Average Weight: 2.5-3.5kg 5-7 lb.
Average Lifespan: 13-15 yrs.

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