Previously Featured Dog Breeds - Dalmatian

Distinctive "spotty dog". Friendly, elegant, exhuberant, playful, dedicated and outgoing popular dog.
Affectionate and devoted with owners, child friendly if socialised early and love to be part of the family.
If exercised regularly they may appear quiet at home but too little exercise can result in boredom

Originally from Croatia, in the Dalmatia region and often used decoratively and in a defensive role to escort carriages which has resulted in their enormous stamina
Quite intelligent, but can be stubborn and require firm, consistent training which can result in a high degree of obedience. They can also be trained for defence and make good watchdogs.
Enjoys lots of exercise acheived through long walks.

Dalmatians do not like spending long periods of time alone and most enjoy life when they can be included in all family activities preferring to sleep and live inside with their human family.

(The Dalmatian was once a popular circus dog.}

Average Height: 56- 61 cms. 22-24 ins.
Average Weight: 23-25 kgs. 50-55 lbs.
Average Lifespan: 10-12 yrs.

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