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Originally boxers were often bred for bull baiting and as guard dogs, nowadays their roles are mainly as companions and family pets.

Boxers are energetic and exhuberant dogs that are also happy, playful, agile, inquisitive and tenacious. They make loyal, affectionate family dogs, excellent with children, but can be aggressive towards other dogs unless they are well socialised.

Boxers are active dogs that require adequate exercise to prevent boredom-associated behaviour resulting in things like chewing or digging.

Intelligent and easy to train, learning commands easily, but often they can be quite willful and boisterous.

Medium sized they are, muscular, sturdy with deep chests and possessing short snouts which can lead to some breathing problems and often leads to snuffling and snoring they also have loose jowls which can often result in heavy dribbling.

They possess short smooth-haired coats that do not require clipping or trimming but regular brushing will be required to cope with shedding. They are either yellow or brindle and can have white markingd and a dark face.

Enjoys lots of exercise.

Average Height: 53-64cm 21-25in.
Average Weight: 25-32kg. 56-70lbs.
Average Lifespan: 10-12yrs.

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