Previously Featured Dog Breeds - Bedlington Terrier

These friendly looking terriers were originally bred to kill rats and badgers
They are thought to originate from the village of Bedlington in Northumberland UK.
Bedlingtons bear a striking resemblance to lambs, they are calm, confident, good-tempered and graceful dogs with plenty of courage. A good family dog, eager to please, that will eagerly attach themselves to all members of the household.

They are generally mild mannered and extremely loyal and as with many terriers they can be fiesty and tenacious but once socialised they are sweet natured, sociable and affectionate family members. Generally they are good with other dogs and pets but can sometimes be reserved with strangers.
If left alone with nothing to do they will often become bored and sometimes destructive this can be avoided by exercise; however, they will make good dogs for small homes or flats as long as they get lots of walks and plenty of attention anbd play.

Their thick and curly coat requires regular clipping and grooming to keep it in order. They do shed very little hair but their coat may need daily brushing to avoid it matting.

Enjoys a lot of exercise especially in places where they can be off the lead, this usually results in them being quieter at home

Average Height: 38-44 cms. 15-17 ins.
Average Weight: 8-10 kgs. 18-25 lbs.
Average Lifespan: 12-14 yrs.

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