Previously Featured Dog Breeds - Airedale

The tallest of the terrier group Airedales are Independent by nature but nonetheless affectionate and faithful especially if given early training and socialisation.

Airedales are known for having a good temperament with a possessive nature towards owner, which makes them good all-round family dogs

Airedales are very intelligent and are easily trained, like a variety to avoid them becoming stubborn.

They were bred originally to hunt and kill badgers and otters.

They have a dense coat, tan with grey and black, hard and wiry with a softer under coat, regular grooming and clipping required needs stripping twice yearly

Needs average amount of exercise, general running, swimming, and likes retrieving objects

They are not an aggressive.breed, can be left alone, do not bark excessively and are generally good travellers

Average Height: 56-61 cm. 22-24 ins.
Average Weight: 20-23 kgs. 44-50 lbs.

Average Lifespan: 10-14 yrs.

Read much more about Airedales in one of these excellent books.....

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