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Family friendly dog breeds that are suitable pets for children.

Dogs and Children
In most cases dogs and children make a good combination but sometimes dogs and children do not mix.
Some dogs will be too large, too boisterous and can be very active
Many dogs are bred for guard duties or as working dogs (these breeds can often frighten small children), other dogs may be too noisy or just appear to be aggressive.
Smaller dogs are not always happy with larger boisterous children.
There are however many breeds of dogs that are child friendly and have suitable temperaments and degrees of patience to mix with even the smallest child.

Child Friendly Small Size Dog Breeds

Cairn Terrier

The cairn is typical terrier; they are plucky, spirited, inquisitive, hardy, clever, and stubborn . They are responsive to owner's wishes and have a desire to please.They enjoy playing games with children and are hardy enough to withstand some rough friendly play.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -
A generally playful dog who enjoys human company, they can be reserved with strangers. Affectionate and devoted to owners and children, good with other pets and friendly towards unfamiliar dogs, thrives on human contact and will love being part of the family.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Is a loyal companion suitable for people of all ages, but it does need daily exercise to keep it from becoming frustrated. It is intelligent and very independent. It tends to be reserved with strangers and can be feisty with strange dogs.

Border Terrier
Alert and playful, small physically but with a big personality, and well able to stand up for themselves
Great dog for families with active children sweet natured and enjoys

Jack Russel Terrier
Small dogs but full of energy and character, Popular dogs.they make ideal family pets and are often used as a working dog. Affectionate and loyal is good with children especially if
they are raised with them.

Shih-Tzu -
Active, friendly, alert little dogs with an independent nature.Affectionate and devoted to their owners, good with children and other animals They live for human companionship; and have a have a sweet, gentle disposition

Pug -
A small dog that is sociable, homely, companionable and friendly , their playful and clownish nature makes them ideal family pets.
A popular dog, good with children.

Papillon -

A small pretty and lively dog ideal as a companion or as a loving easily socialised dog for families


Child Friendly Medium Size Dog Breeds.

Beagle -
Medium sized good natured and lively dogs, alert with a tolerant nature, can show an independent streak and a desire to follow scents. A lovely dog with a gentle nature, affectionate and friendly, particularly good with children.

Cocker Spaniel -
Friendly, energetic and keen to please. Good with children and other dogs the Cocker Spaniel makes an ideal family pet, they have lots of energy and can be trained with patience

Schnauzer (Standard) -
Medium sized dogs that are sociable and playful with a tendency to be protective and have strong guarding instincts. Their coat requires professional clipping. Always alert and playful they enjoy company, very good with children especially if raised with them

West Highland Terrier
Very popular pets, active and playful they can sometimes be feisty and independent but they are also affectionate and loyal. Alert by nature they make good watchdogs. They are affectionate and loyal towards their owners and good with children especially if raised with them. Friendly with strangers and other dogs when they are well socialised.

A sleek, handsome and very fast sight hound which makes an excellent family pet. Gentle, affectionate, friendly, and easy-going, very good with children, loves exercise but can be difficult to control on walks.

Poodle (Miniature) -
The miniature poodle is lively, playful, eager to please, responsive and obedient making it one of the most popular varieties of dog. Quite and sensitive nature, and tend to be devoted to one perso., They may be reserved with strangers but are good with children, other pets and dogs.

Child Friendly Large Size Dog Breeds.

Labrador Retriever -
A kind natured dog not aggressive, intelligent and easy to train as they learn commands very quickly. Reliable dogs, trustworthy, calm, friendly, and gentle. A very popular dog that is very eager to please you and is always ready to have fun.

Golden Retrievers
This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours on end. Golden retrievers are intelligent, loyal, and with a life span of 10-12 year will be a long time family member. Although they are large they make ideal pets for families with children.

Collie -
Collies make great family pets because they love to be with people and to be part of the family. They are great with children often taking a special interest in them. A highly intelligent dog that is easy to train, they will bond quickly and easily with a family and easily become watchful and protective of the home.

English Setters

Graceful, elegant dogs with plenty of energy. Friendly, excellent with children, they have a soft mouth but can be lively and exhuberant.

Dogs that are quiet, intelligent, playful and fun to be around, they are a great choice for a family with children. Easy to train they are dedicated and easily become devoted to all members of the family whilst sometimes being reserved around strangers.

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