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10 Intelligent Dog Breeds

Dog intelligence, like human intelligence, comes in various forms.

They can learn tricks, obey commands even find their way home from being lost.

However dog trainers and owners generally find it difficult to agree on how intelligent dogs are. One difficulty is confusing a breed’s genetic characteristics and predisposition plus a dog’s obedience training with intelligence.

If they are bred to hunt, herd, or retrieve, dogs are more likely to be quick on their feet, eager to work, to move, and to please you and therefore can appear to be learning faster, conversely If bred to be a livestock guard dogs or a scent hounds, they may often appear distracted and less intelligent.

Ranking Dog Breeds by intelligence is subjective at best; but as a guide, a survey by over 200 professional dog obedience judges ranked 110 dog breeds on the basis of their intelligence and their findings concluded that the top ten dogs in terms of intelligence were as follows:-
1. Border Collies
2. Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pincher
6. Shetland Sheepdog
7. Labrador Retriever
8. Papillon
9. Rottwieler
10. Australian Cattle Dog

Not everyone will necessarily agree with these actual positions but they will recognise that the list does contain all the generally accepted intelligent Dog Breeds.

Below are fuller descriptions of these selected breeds.

1) Border Collie
This breed is generally considered one of the smartest dog breeds because of its sheepdog traits. They are intelligent, astute and quick learners. Quick to learn new commands and because of their intelligence they are great in competitions for skills such as agility and obedience. To maintain their smartness, they must be exercised often.
Border collies are legendary, generally thought as the brightest of all dogs with a strong work ethic, an eagerness to please and a desire to bond.

2) Poodle
Poodles are known to be one of the easiest breeds to train. They are great pets as well as guard dogs (standard poodles).
Poodles are active, extremely intelligent and social dogs, eager to learn they thrive on attention from their owners and form close bonds. When it comes to agility and obedience competitions, Poodles are great choices.

3) German Shepherd
Family pet, police, guard, and search dogs these courageous dogs are comfortable in all of these roles. German Shepherds are intelligent and courageous-making them a great breed for families looking for a dog to love and protect them.
The ideal military and police dog, the German shepherd is a highly adaptable dog and natural protector, they are keen and quick to learn. German shepherds are an active and protective breed that develop close ties to human family members, they are great with children and other dogs when correctly socialised.

4) Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most most popular and smartest dog breeds. They have great intelligence, an eagerness to learn and a great ability to retain new found skills.They are great candidates for obedience competitions and also for performing tricks.
Golden Retrievers are some of the most trainable dogs; they were the first American Kettle Club obedience champions. With a name like “retriever” the dogs have been bred as hunters to retrieve fowl from water and land.

5) Doberman Pinscher
This breed is great for guarding and protecting its master. Brave and intelligent they make great family dogs if trained and socialised at a young age. Doberman Pinschers also have great stamina and are very loyal and confident, making them one of the most intelligent breeds.They require clear and consistent training and enjoy exercise.

6) Shetland Sheepdog

They are fantastic concentrators, intelligent, cunning, obedient, responsive, loyal, and affectionate. Shetland Sheepdogs were originally bred to herd hundreds of sheep and cattle. They have the ability to do a number of tasks while contributing fun and love to any family. Eager to learn and enjoys training

7) Labrador Retriever
Labs are known for their patience. They are great seeing -eye dogs and drugs search dogs. Intelligent, easily trained with pliable and thoughtful nature. Can be taught several tricks if training begins at a young age.

8) Papillion
Although they are tiny, they are possessive of their owners and territory. Papillons are easy to train, proving their intelligence. They are both alert and responsive with a loyal nature.

9) Rottweiler
Rottweilers have a bad reputation for being aggressive. However, if trained properly, they make great family pets. They are intelligent, obedient and immensely loyal to handler and family. Very courageous and one of the best guard and security dog breeds.

10) Australian Cattle Dog
These dogs are independent, but protective of their owners and property. They are intelligent, alert, well balanced and loyal. Easily trained and eager to work.


















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