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Owning a dog should be a source of joy and great companionship. To achieve this your dog needs to be well trained and socialised.

This page gives some basic, easy to use tips, enabling you to offer your dog some training at home. It is not meant to be a "Training Manual" or replace the use of a professional dog trainer. We offer some advice and techniques aimed at helping you teach some basic commands (sit, stay etc,) or to help reinforce previous training skills your dog has acquired.
All dogs should learn how to walk to heel, sit, lie down, stay, and, most importantly, come when called (no matter what the distraction).

A well trained dog can be a joy to own, his obedience ensures you can keep him safe and avoid him becoming a problem to other people or animals.

Some Basic Training Techniques:-

  • Always reward or praise your dog for a good performance. All animals will repeat behaviour that is rewarding and ignore anything that brings no reward. Rewards can be in the form of food, a toy, a walk , praise or simply your attention. Try to avoid reacting to bad behaviour as this can often be seen as attention.
  • Get to know what motivates your dog, which type of reward does he like best, avoid trying to train by using fear to motivate, it does not work and makes your dogs life grim.
  • Never punish or scold your dog under training. Punishment creates negative feelings in your dog and can spoil your relationship.
  • Avoid giving your dog commands that you know you cannot enforce.
  • Avoid repeating commands, give your dog only one command, then gently enforce it.
  • Never ask your dog to perform anything that he can evade
  • Finally, try to make training fun and be consistent.

Some basic training commands:-

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