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Is this the right time for me to get a dog?

When you choose to get a pet dog many factors have to be considered. One important question we should always ask ourselves is "Is this the right time for me to get a dog".

As well as considering if your current situation is suitable we should remember that many dogs can live for up to 15yrs. during which your lifestyles can change unpredictably, but by asking the following simple questions you can get a fair idea of whether a pet dog will suit your present or your future lifestyle.
  • Do you live alone, will you have to leave a dog alone for long periods.
  • Have you any plans for sharing your life with anyone else, some dogs become very attached to their owners and may find difficulty in sharing them
  • Do you have a family or are you thinking of starting one. Dogs and children can be a happy and rewarding mix, but not all dogs like children and not all children get on with dogs. Some dogs are too big, some are too small which cannot be changed and many can be too boisterous, playful or even jealous, however these are traits that can usually be altered after socialising properly .
  • Do you foresee your family structure changing in any way; children leaving home, other people coming to live with you, a divorce, job uncertainty, etc. all of which can affect both owners and dogs.
  • Do you travel a lot, many dogs hate travelling and many hate the alternative of kennels or staying with other people.
  • Do you currently have the time and resources available. Dogs need to be taken for walks and to the vet, they will need bathing, brushing, and grooming as often as necessary? Does your lifestyle currently give you enough time for this
  • Are you confident you are likely to be healthy enough to cope with the demands of a pet.

In summary, many of the questons I have posed may be about your future lifestyle, but there are some basic questions, relevant to your current situation, you can answer immediately.

  • What is your worki/life schedule like?
  • Do you work long hours?
  • How active are you (are you prepared for and capable of extra exercise)?
  • Many dogs can live 15 or more years. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?
  • Can you afford to buy and maintain a dog?
I hope this has been helpful?
Any comments?

David Bates

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