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Do I really want a Dog?

Is dog ownership right for you? Making this decision needs careful thought.
Perhaps the place to start is to understand what living with a dog could mean :-

  • Those cute little puppies will grow and some dogs can get big.
  • Dogs need exercise the amount can vary, but at sometime during your day they will require exercise.
  • Dogs need training.
  • Dogs need bathing, grooming and many need frequent brushing.
  • Dogs need some space either in your house or outside.
  • Dogs often scratch, bite, and chew (often your furniture or possessions)
  • Nearly all dogs shed hair.
  • Dogs drool, often on you
  • Dogs can get sick causing damage to your house and possibly costing a lot of money in vet fees.
  • Many dogs bark a lot and can annoy neighbours.
  • Dogs can get lonely when they are by themselves for long periods.
  • Dogs can get fleas and worms.
  • Dogs will not always respect your garden.
  • Many dogs like to dig, often to bury bones.
  • Dog walking can be a problem, it may be with other dogs or how to cope with dog mess.
  • Dogs do not wash their food and drink bowls.
  • Dogs can run away or just get lost.
  • Many people can be allergic to dogs.
  • Lastly, someday your dog will die.

If you feel you could not cope with any of these things then perhaps a dog is not the best pet for you.

If you are still determined then you need to consider a few more points.

  • Do you feel you have the time to take care of a dog?
  • Are you prepared to walk them every day?
  • Are you prepared to get involved in training your dog?
  • Do you think you can show the dog the necessary leadership and authority.
  • Consider your current family situation, and how it may be in the future.

Before you even think about what kind of dog you would like to get, you must consider the above the above points and never underestimate the investment of time, energy, and money, required to be a good dog owner. And remember that for many things your new dog will be totally dependant on you.

David Bates

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