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Choosing a Dog Sitter.

When you choose a sitter, you are entrusting your pet to someone else, this makes it important you make the right choice for you and your pet.
Sitttng dogs, especially for someone else, needs some experience - here are some things that you should consider when choosing a dog Sitter:-

  • The sitter's experience of sitttng dogs,
  • Their reliability and feelings about dogs.
  • How your pet behaves with the sitter.
  • They should really enjoy working with dogs and be really patient with them.

What are your requirements?
Before choosing a Dog Sitter you should have a firm idea of your requirements :-
  • How often do you want your pet to be sat?
  • Do you need a regular dog sitter or you just need someone for dog sitttng occasionally.
  • Do you prefer a regular person Sitttng your pet.
  • Do you require your dog to be picked up or at in your home..
  • Can your dog be given treats to eat whilst with the sitter
  • Sitttng a dog can be expensive establish how much you can you afford to pay for?
Finding the Dog Sitter
  • Ask other pet owners, your vet, friends or your local pet store for recommendations about dog sitttng providers
  • Make sure the sitter has references and ask about insurance (at least Public Liability Insurance)
  • If you intend that the dog sitter visits your house to sit your pet while you are absent, make sure they are CRB checked
  • Ask the dog sitter if they have a regular vet they use
  • Ask them if they have a back-up plan in the event of illness or emergency where they cannot attend to your dog.
  • Ask about the sitter's water, feeding and cleanup policies ( they should abide by the laws and will clean up after your pet )
  • What are the costs, are they varied for different times of the day.
  • Check to see whether the sitter can provide for any special needs your pet may have. eg. is your pet a puppy or an older dog?
  • Ask about the areas the walks will take place in and you should consider if there are any traffic concerns.
  • Check the dog Sitter's references and record of reliability also check and write down his or her identification information, address and phone number.
  • If it will be necessary for the Sitter to transport your pet ensure their vehicle is properly adapted for transporting dogs.
  • What experience does the dog Sitter have, are they able to diffuse problems between dogs, do they know basic first aid.
  • Does the dog Sitter require your pet to have had any specific vaccinations?

General advice
  • Make sure your dog is friendly enough to accept being sat by this new person.
  • When first meeting a new dog Sitter watch your dog's reaction to him/her they need to like the person just as much as you do.
  • Note how your dog acts before and after sitting, do they appear sufficiently happy, your dog enjoys being with you and should also enjoy being sat by the new Sitter.
  • Provide the sitter with emergency information, including your pet's medical history and your veterinarian's phone number.
  • Sitters who own or have recently owned a pet are likely to better relate to your dog and can provide for your pet's emotional needs as well as his or her physical needs
  • Be specific about your pet's health. Always inform your dog sitter about your dog's health and dietary needs. Your dog's diet is sensitive and should not be altered without the advice of your vet. If you have specific treats for your dog, be sure to give proper instructions to your sitter in regard to this.

With all your questions answered to your satisfaction and you are in a position to choose, at this point it is not unreasonable to suggest a trial period with the dog sitter.
t is essential you choose a dog sitter whose approach you are happy with and who you are confident you can trust.
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