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Toilet Training for Dogs and Puppies

This is probably what most owners would like to a achieve first and is really the basis for all the training that follows.
Toilet training can be a reasonably simple process and revolves around having a consistent routine that starts with establishing the “trigger” times your puppy will need to take a toilet break.
Puppies usually need to urinate almost immediately after waking up, so try to be there to take your puppy straight outside. Try to fix a particular for your dog to use as a toilet (the familiar smell will then give him a clue later) as soon as he goes to the toilet reward/praise him and try and use a keyword for him to get used to.

When young, puppies will have very poor bladder control, and need to urinate at least every hour or two, so aim to take him outside at these intervals.

Eating a meal will stimulate the puppy’s digestive system, and they will generally want to urinate within fifteen minutes of eating, and defecate within half an hour of eating.
Try to feed to a schedule and avoid feeding near to bedtime and do not leave accessible drinks overnight.
Take your dog out first thing in the morning.
Take him out as late as possible at night.
If you have left your dog alone for some time let him out when you return.
When you dog is new it may be you have to take him out in the middle of the night if you hear he is distressed.
As the dog gets older and used to these routines it will be possible to leave him longer.
During the day try to stay vigilant, you will notice the tell-tale signs that your dog needs the toilet; they tend to walk in circles often sniffing as they go.

Any time you take your dog out you must often be prepared to wait, it might have seemed like an emergency in your house but dogs (especially puppies) can be easily distracted outside. Try to remain patient and offer praise when mission accomplished!

No matter how attentive and diligent you are during the house training process there is bound to be the odd slip up. Don't worry about it, just ensure that you clean mistakes up thoroughly, including the use of an odour neutraliser to take away any lingering smell

David W Bates

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